Testogen Review

Are you often fatigued and irritated? Is your strength and muscle tone decreasing? Has your libido been on rapid decline? Has your sexual performance been decreasing especially?

If you said “yes” as the answer to any of these questions then you have a SERIOUS issue. Generally, these symptoms are directly related to the levels of testosterone you have present in your body.

Hypogonadism, as this condition is known as, is a nightmare for every person of the male sex.

However, there is some good news related to this diagnosis – you can get a testosterone booster that will increase your levels of testosterone naturally. Go back to your previous quality of life and previous, normal levels of testosterone now!

As men age, the natural levels of testosterone their body produces will gradually begin to lower. When men are about 30 years of age, this is when their muscle mass, sex hormones (which spur on sexual desire), bone density, and sperm production are at its peak. After 30 is when all of these things will begin to decline.

Your testosterone levels can also begin to decline based on other factors – other adverse health conditions, obesity, and an inactive lifestyle.

If you have low testosterone levels, then this could also contribute to depression, as well as a general feeling of being dissatisfied with your life, and negatively affect the quality of your life.


If you are in the market for a natural testosterone boosting supplement, then Testogen could be the right fit for you! This supplement offers you the opportunity to increase their libido, stamina, energy, focus, and strength.

Wolfson Berg Limited produces the Testogen, a herbal supplement, and has experience in producing products like this for the past thirty years. The cornerstone of their company has always been in the research, production, and selling of natural supplements like this.

Testogen ingredients are claimed to be completely natural and can improve the overall health and performance of men.


Each of the all-natural ingredients in Testogen works together to increase the levels, overall, of testosterone in your body. In turn, this helps reverse hypogonadism, reduce any feelings of depression, increase your energy levels, help induce weight loss, and increase your sexual libido and desire.

The manufacturer has stated that all of the ingredients that make up Testogen have been repeatedly tested in clinical trials to ensure not only their effectiveness, but also their safety.

A steroid hormone that is necessary for the development of the male body, testosterone and Testogen are not the same things. Testogen is not a steroidal supplement, however it is a natural, herbal supplement that is proven to increase the levels of testosterone in the body.


When you begin taking Testogen, you can expect that your testosterone levels will be boosted significantly, which in turn is a great and efficient way of building up your muscle mass, strength, increasing the amount of weight you could lose, your sexual stamina, improving your mental health, physical health, and your quality of life.

By the time you are thirty, your body will stop producing the amount of testosterone needed to stimulate your mental and physical growth, and this level of production will begin to decrease. Your body will not be able to stop or reverse this process.

Your overall quality of life and health after thirty can be drastically improved if your levels of testosterone are higher than what your body would naturally produce on its own.

Testogen has been proven, through clinical research trials, that it is effective at building up muscle mass and improving the level of your testosterone.

If you take this supplement, you will be choosing to drastically increase your overall physical and mental health, while also making your workouts that much more effective.

Also, the libido-enhancing properties of Testogen mean that you will also be automatically increasing your sex drive and your overall sexual health.

If you and your partner have any concerns in this area, Testogen is a great product to help naturally improve and increase your sexual performance and pleasure.


Testogen is made from all-natural, whole ingredients so there are not really any known side effects that you could experience while taking this supplement.

However, whenever you begin to take any supplement, whether it’s herbal or pharmaceutical, you should discuss it with your doctor to ensure that it will not affect any other medications you may be taking.

Also – some users have claimed that they experience hair growth in certain areas, but there has not been a scientific consensus of this claim.



Testogen can help you improve your testosterone levels, which, in turn, will help you feel a lot more alert, boost your libido overall, decrease your overall feelings of depression, and improve your levels of concentration.

All of these things are necessary for good mental and physical health, while decreased testosterone levels can negatively affect both of them.

The manufacturer of Testogen has also gone above and beyond what is necessary to show clinical research reports and studies that show how effective the ingredients are, that make up Testogen.

All of the (natural) ingredients of Testogen have been carefully studied and researched for their effectiveness while adding them to the supplement mix to create the testosterone booster that is all-natural and effective.


Testogen is only available online through the manufacturer’s website, so you have to order and receive it through mail.

This can be very difficult for those who do not have regular or immediate access to the internet or their own home computer, as well as those who do not want to wait for shipping.

Also – the product Testogen is not cheap, but some might consider the effectiveness of the product to be worth its price.


There have been many studies that prove the effectiveness of the ingredients that make up Testogen.


Italian scientists found, through testing, in 2009 that D-aspartic acid has a great influence on the testosterone secretion in men.

They went on to further explain that in the testes and pituitary gland, where the D-aspartic acid is synthesized naturally, and thus the acid is very necessary to ensure that the body produces and releases the testosterone hormone.


In 2011, Australian scientists found that Fenugreek could markedly increase and improve the sex drive and testosterone production in men, the all-natural way.


In America, scientists found that Asian ginseng can increase and elevate levels of serum lactate, which can help improve and boost sports performance, enhance tissue and blood oxygenation, and increase muscle strength.

This extract can also improve heart function, concentration and focus, ensure homeostasis and high work capacity, as well as naturally lengthen your reaction time to auditory and visual stimuli.


In Germany, scientists performed studies regarding men with excessive body weight. This study lasted a year, with two groups of male participants.

The first group of men were given a placebo for the entire one year period. The second group of men were given vitamin D3 supplementation. The purpose of the entire study period was to study weight loss.

When the study finished, the second group of men had not only experienced weight loss up to 6 kg, but also reported increased testosterone levels of up to 25% of their normal levels.

Another study’s main intent was to measure the vitamin D and testosterone levels of men in Korea, over the age of 40. There were 642 participants in the study and by the end of the study it was shown that testosterone deficiency had the probability to grow by 2.66 times in men who had a vitamin D deficiency.


Who Can Take Testogen?

This supplement can be taken by any man over the age of eighteen who wants to increase their testosterone levels.

Testogen has been used by bodybuilders, athletes, weight lifters, and any man who wants to increase their stamina, strength, and libido.

How Long Can I Take Testogen?

Because Testogen is made up of all-natural, herbal ingredients, you can take it for as long a period as you want.

However, if you want to keep the supplement at its peak effectiveness, then you should consider taking breaks in taking the supplement. Take one every few months for a week or so.

In this break, your body will return to its normal function, and you can make sure that you don’t have any adverse side effects. If you are fine, then you can resume taking the supplement.

How Long Does Testogen Take To Work?

The length of time it takes for Testogen to become effective depends on your overall testosterone levels and your overall physical health.

In terms of mental health, you should start to notice improvements in that area in a week at the most.

During this supplementation period, you should start to notice that your mood will be lifted, your concentration and focus sharpened, your competitive edge fueled and raring to go, your overall mental abilities enhanced, and your libido and sexual performances increased.

In terms of physical changes, you will have to wait a period of four to six weeks, along with performing your usual exercises, to see increased muscle mass and tone.

So, if you want to increase the development of your muscle mass and tone, as well as your endurance, including the elevation of your energy levels and physical performance, you will need to take the supplement for at least six to twelve weeks.

Do I Take It Once a Day or Do I Space it Out?

You should take your capsules with each meal, unless you are only taking one capsule a day.

It is recommended that you space out the (4) capsules throughout the day for better indigestion and absorption.

Are Testosterone Supplements Safe to Take?

Always follow the directions on supplements carefully.

Testogen is made from completely natural ingredients, so there is no danger in taking it. However, you should always be completely aware of what you are ingesting and do your research.

Is Testogen a Testosterone Treatment?

Short answer – no it is not. Testogen is a testosterone boosting supplement.

Testosterone treatment can do the same thing – but it is not without its side effects and has a risk of creating serious health issues for those who take this course of treatment.

A testosterone treatment is literally introducing testosterone to the body, which upsets the balance of hormones, while a testosterone boosting supplement helps your body boost its own levels of testosterone, safely.

Testogen is a great product that can help prevent the reduction of testosterone the body produces as you age.