Best Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are supplements that are taken alongside your normal diet that work to increase the levels of testosterone in your body. This in turn allows for better performance at the gym!

The vast majority of such supplements don’t actually contain testosterone. What they do instead is help the body to increase testosterone levels naturally.

It should be noted here that these boosters normally contain ingredients that work to restrict the production of the female hormone estrogen.

Testosterone boosters don’t have any nasty side effects, unlike standard steroid injections, as they are made from all-natural ingredients.


When men suffer from lower than normal levels of testosterone, they often feel as though their masculinity is slipping away.

Low testosterone levels result in a buildup of body fat, fatigue, and a loss of muscle mass. All these in combination can lead to depression.

Testosterone boosting supplements are widely available on the market to combat these problems.

The majority of such supplements contain the same set of main ingredients.

What should be noted however is that the amount of the key ingredients in each formula you find on the market can vary; this is a crucial factor when deciding on which supplement to opt for.

When selecting from the different products found on the market, you will find some have the right ingredients but in doses that are too low to be efficient.

You may also come across some products that are actually missing one of the key ingredients that you need for effective testosterone boosting.

So, having made that clear, let’s take a look at what a well-balanced booster for testosterone production should do for you. A well-balanced booster should:

  • Provide you with increased levels of energy
  • Boost your sex drive and your performance in bed
  • Help you gain lean muscle faster than before
  • Give you more stamina and strength
  • Improve your well-being and mood
  • Ensure you enjoy a better quality of life
  • Help speed up all-important fat loss
  • Improve your self-esteem and confidence
  • Help improve your focus


Testosterone boosters are perfect for men who are currently battling with:

  • Lowered sex drive: have trouble getting and sustaining an erection
  • Loss of crucial muscle mass: you have little desire to go to the gym due to lowered energy levels, resulting in muscle loss and added belly fat
  • Irritability: You find that you are constantly depressed or angry
  • Lethargy: You are finding it hard to sleep and feel tired almost all the time
  • Lowered self-esteem: You have low self-esteem, and feel like you are losing your masculinity.

I have suffered from low levels of testosterone in the past, and I can tell you that I was constantly in a bad mood and always felt tired no matter how long I slept.

This is when I started to improve my diet and also started to use Testogen, this being a turning point for me. I used to lack confidence and have a low sec drive and poor energy levels. All of these pointed to low testosterone levels.

I started to notice the results in just a few weeks. I started to have higher levels of energy and my mood also improved. After one month of starting my supplement and diet change, I can say that I really feel like a completely different man.


The market for testosterone boosters and supplements is huge, and with so many products available, it can be difficult to make the right choice.

You will be left confused and wondering which product will actually have the results you are looking for and need.

So, we have carried out some extensive research that will ensure that the guesswork is taken out of the equation.

From all products we tested, these are the best testosterone boosters:

Testogen Testosterone Booster


Testogen is made by Wolfson Berg Limited and is a superior testosterone supplement. It contains three potent ingredients for testosterone boosting and is commonly known as “Testosterone Triple Action”

Testogen is undoubtedly one of the very best supplements available on the market for naturally boosting levels of testosterone in the body. When you take the supplement, you will:

  • Enjoy improved levels of energy
  • Enjoy a better quality of sleep
  • Experience more frequent and stronger erections
  • Be able to get rid of and burn unwanted fat deposits
  • Be able to start building lean muscle mass
  • Enjoy a better performance in bed
  • Experience an improved recovery time between your intense workouts.
  • Become more motivated and confident

Such efficient and remarkable function has given Testogen the top spot on the market for testosterone boosters.


Testogen takes pride in its triple action formula, consisting of three key ingredients for the boosting of testosterone.

The ingredients in Testogen include Vitamin D, Zinc, and D-Aspartic, these being the three crucial ingredients in all the leading testosterone pills. Complementary ingredients to this trio are B-vitamins, selenium, Panax Ginseng, fenugreek, and Tribulus Terrestris.

All of these ingredients also contribute to a rise in levels of testosterone and in turn a boosted sex drive.


The powerful ingredients make the product so successful. The ingredients work together in harmony to provide a potent and advanced formula that triggers an effective and natural release of testosterone in the body.


Every single serving of the supplement consists of 4 capsules, recommendations stipulating that the supplements should be taken in one serving before breakfast each day.


Testogen is the number one testosterone booster in our list for many reasons. It has earned itself the top position within its niche, being recommended by athletes, bodybuilders, and doctors.

Testogen has not just earned itself a reputation as the best booster on the market; it also has a huge fan base. This can be attributed to the following reasons:

  • Within its ingredients, we find the most potent and effective testosterone boosters.
  • The ingredients have all been scientifically tested
  • The manufacturers of the product are constantly upgrading it, to ensure that it meets the very latest trends.
  • It puts an end to fatigue
  • It ensures you enjoy the improved cognitive function
  • It is free from preservatives and harmful additives
  • It is quite affordable
  • When you take it you will enjoy an improved performance in bed
  • It assists in the reduction of fat and the growth of lean muscle
  • When you take this product, it contributes to an improvement in your overall health.

TestRX Testosterone Booster#2. TESTRX

TestRx is a clinically effective supplement that is produced by Leading Edge Health in Tennessee.

TestRx adopts a more simplistic approach to testosterone boosting, using natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs in its ingredients.

The formula is 100% natural and the ingredients are all present in the best doses, ensuring that it works naturally and effectively. It has become very popular for men who are trying to embrace their alpha male.

To put things in laymen’s terms, the product is excellent for weight lifting and for achieving lean muscle growth.


The ingredients in TestRx include fenugreek seed extract and D-Aspartic acid, which are a popular duo. Combined with these you will also find Vitamins D3, K2, and B6, magnesium, and zin.


TestRx works by increasing protein synthesis, boosting testosterone levels in your body effectively and naturally.

It is a well-known fact that growth in muscle mass is a result of protein synthesis, synthesis of protein also curbing the effects of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that is known for causing the breakdown of muscle tissues.

Increased levels of testosterone encourage protein synthesis by the attachment of androgen receptors that are found in the muscle cells.

This protein also works efficiently to repair micro-tears in muscles that are often present if you lift weights. This in turn contributes to the building-up of muscle.

And if this wasn’t already enough, TestRx also increased the flow to the muscles of oxygenated blood, helping during physical activities such as weight lifting or sexual intercourse; ensuring you regain stamina more quickly.


The ideal dosage for this supplement is 2 capsules daily, one in the morning and the other one in the evening.


TestRX has gained itself a good reputation as a testosterone booster for the following reasons:

  • Its ingredients have been clinically proven to be effective for boosting levels of testosterone.
  • It promotes better sleep, ensuring that you wake up feeling rested and happy.
  • It helps improve both stamina and libido, ensuring better performance in bed.
  • It helps to improve your recovery time between your workout sessions.
  • It ensures that you enjoy heightened levels of energy during the course of the day.
  • You will see results quickly.

TestoFuel TestRX Testosterone Booster#3. TESTOFUEL

TestoFuel is another testosterone supplement that is very popular amongst fitness freaks and bodybuilders.

The makeup of TestoFuel and its high-end ingredients ensure that your levels of testosterone are improved quickly and safely.

As if this wasn’t enough, TestoFuel also contributes to muscle growth, regulation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), and muscle growth. It is also noted for helping combat baldness and hair loss in men.

As well as all this, TestoFuel also aids in the production of the growth hormone.

This particular testosterone booster contains large doses of its ingredients but in carefully administered proportions.


The most attractive feature of TestoFuel is actually its list of ingredients. It contains large doses of all the very best ingredients, its formula constantly being upgraded in order to adhere to the most modern of scientific standards.

The ingredients include zinc-rich oyster extract, D-Aspartic acid, and ZMA ( a combination of Vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc) Other ingredients that are noted for their potent powers in TestoFuel are Vitamins K and D, fenugreek, and Panax Ginseng.


TestoFuel boosts testosterone levels in the body, tacking testosterone deficiency thanks to its large doses of the most potent ingredients.

The supplementary ingredients that include Vitamins K and D, magnesium, and zinc, all go together to support the functionality of the all-important ingredient D-Aspartic Acid. Lastly, ginseng contributes to increased sex drive and muscle growth.


The ideal dosage is 4 capsules, taking throughout the day with food.


Due to its clean formula, there are no known side effects to TestoFuel


TestoFuel is an excellent natural testosterone booster for the following reasons:

  • It contains high levels of D-Aspartic acid, crucial for boosting testosterone levels.
  • It ensures improved cognitive function
  • On the packaging, you are given a clear overview of the concentration of each and every ingredient contained in its formula.
  • It is known to help contribute towards the growth of lean muscle
  • It boosts both stamina and libido, ensuring that you enjoy better performance in bed