Resurge Review: Researched, Analyzed And Tested – Results Inside

Resurge is a new dietary product that has been recently released that claims to help you lose weight while you sleep.

This might seem a little absurd or even far-fetched, but the manufacturers are confident and claim that they have the proof you are looking for; the product triggers weight loss through sleep!

The makers of the supplement go on to explain that prior to the development of Resurge, they carried out extensive research and studies and found out there is indeed a relationship between weight loss and sleep.

The product they went on to manufacture is based on this extremely interesting discovery.

According to the creator of the supplement, what they discovered was that weight loss is not just achieved through going to the gym or extensive workouts; there are indeed many more options asides.

They claim that the time you spend asleep and the quality of sleep has a big amount of control over whether you can lose weight successfully or not. And that an interrupted sleep cycle does indeed have ramifications that most people are totally unaware of.

They also claim that in order to reach your nutritional and health goals, correct sleep is not just important; it’s totally necessary.


As we already explained above, the supplement works by bringing forward the connection between weight loss and sleep. However, in order to lose the pounds you want to, this connection alone is not enough.

It is quite obvious that in order to obtain the results claimed by the supplement, there’s more to the puzzle.

The supplement Resurge takes advantage of a few different factors that are necessary to instill weight loss in its users. It employs what is known as a multi-faceted methodology to weight loss.

Each step in the method links to the next one, and as each step is linked, a domino-effect can be seen working on the body. The first step to weight loss happening is the speeding up of the metabolism of the user.

Our metabolic rate is responsible for many things and affects the amount of food you eat and the amount of energy that is released from the foods you eat.

Your metabolism also affects the way you sleep, and a higher metabolic rate allows users to enter a deeper state of sleep. This, in turn, leads to more calories being burned at night, the domino effect of this being a more reliable and effective weight loss.

The remainder of the ingredients also provides different key changes to our bodies that are indisputably helpful too.


John Barban is a world leader in the field of weight loss and metabolism and is renowned worldwide. He has a long and impressive list of degrees in biology, nutrition, and physiology, and has also taught human performance at the highly acclaimed University in Florida for many years.

Some of the biggest Health companies in the world have paid him big sums of money in order for him to provide training for their staff and to formulate their accredited and award-winning dietary supplements.

An interesting fact is that if in the last ten years you have taken any effective dietary supplement marketed by the leading worldwide brands, you’ve most likely already seen his work.

According to him, what’s most important to him is the ability to transform the lives of millions of men and women around the globe through his highly acclaimed and best-selling exercise programs and diets, all of which include the most cutting-edge strategies used today.


How can achieving deep sleep help you lose weight?

Firstly, you need to understand the role that deep sleep plays if you are hoping to lose weight.

The best time to lose weight is while you are asleep. Whilst you are asleep, your body is busy producing large amounts of growth hormone. This hormone plays a part in muscle and nerve recovery, but it also signals to our bodies to use stored fat to produce energy.

Therefore, when we achieve good quality sleep, it becomes synonymous with longer periods of growth hormone production, this in turn helping burn stored fat whilst we sleep. The end result of this; weight loss.

This same mechanism can also go on to explain why it is useless for athletes to eat large amounts of protein at night or before going to sleep.

But it’s important you don’t get me wrong. Just because you are asleep or somewhere around 7 to 8 hours, it doesn’t mean necessarily that you are getting the much-needed deep sleep required for weight loss.

What Happen During Deep Sleep?

When the body falls into a deep sleep, it goes through an unparalleled process of restoration that is known as metabolic regeneration.

Put simply, all processes that are important to health occur during the special process of metabolic regeneration. It is during this process that both your brain and body regenerate themselves.

The cells of your brain regenerate and make new proteins, allowing for optimized cognitive function and maintaining of your memory.

It is during the stage of deep sleep that your body also naturally releases a large number of hormones that are used for boosting metabolism, to burn fat, and to revitalize cells.

This hormone that is naturally generated and that is responsible for cellular revitalizing is the very same hormone that is referred to as the “fountain of youth” by anti-aging specialists and doctors.

Celebrities also love this ability of the hormone to turn back the clock, making them look younger than ever before.

The growth hormone in question has an amazing rejuvenating impact on the entire body, the process happening naturally during the critical stage of deep sleep.

Why a lack of sleep leads to increased belly fat?

When you don’t get enough deep sleep, the hormone cortisol is stored in larger quantities in the body. Cortisol is responsible for turn food into visceral fat; it does this regardless of how healthy the food you eat is.

It then goes on to deposit this dangerous form of fat right under your stomach, expanding your waistline, and more besides.

When you suffer from too little deep sleep, the hormone leptin that is an appetite suppressant is no longer released. This means that you will constantly feel hungry and crave food; you will in time become a victim of those runaway cravings.


–10mg of melatonin in its purest grade

Melatonin is proven to increase the amount of deep sleep you have as well as to help you get to sleep faster.

–150mg East Indian Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha decreased levels of stress cortisol and anxiety, whilst also helping to promote a relaxed state that will ensure increased deep sleep quality.

–100mg Hydroxytryptophan

Hydroxytryptophan is a naturally occurring amino acid that enhances to effects of melatonin and improves the duration and quality of deep sleep.

–200mg Theanine

Theanine is known to be a powerful phytonutrient that has been used as a relaxant in Japanese culture for centuries. It is proven to reduce both stress and the resting heart rate. It also increased the overall duration of a deep sleep, producing longer and more restful sleep.

–15mg zinc and 50mg magnesium

When zinc and magnesium are taken together alongside other nutrients, they are proven to improve the quality of deep sleep as well as the alertness you have in the morning on waking. Zinc is also known to strengthen and increase your immune system.

–1200mg Lysine and 1200mg Arginine

When these 2 naturally occurring amino acids are used in combination, they are proven to increase levels of the age-defying human growth hormone; the hormone is released during the deep sleep phase up to 695%.


According to its creator, John Barban, the supplement contains only natural ingredients of premium grade, combining them to create a unique recipe that fights against disturbed sleep, weight gain, impaired cognition, and low immunity.

The supplement works on your metabolism, blood circulation, immunity, and fat burning. It is also proven to reverse the natural aging process. The supplement achieves these incredible results due to its all-natural ingredients and the sophisticated process used on producing the formula.

A Summary of Benefits is as follows:

  • –It will effortlessly and automatically melt away large amounts of unhealthy body fat safely, naturally, and quickly, without you having to exercise or make changes to your diet.
  • –It will work to complete restoration of your metabolism
  • –It will resurrect your energy levels
  • –It is also renowned for helping revive stamina and sex drive
  • –It will reverse the common signs of aging and disease
  • –It will renew the appearance and health of your nails, and skin, making you look and feeler decades younger overnight.


Almost half of the world’s population is currently suffering from unnecessary weight gain and obesity.

When you are overweight and struggling with weight loss, you are at a higher risk of suffering from heart problems, diabetes, and even cancer.

In contrast, normal weight loss programs require a lot a commitment as well as patience and strict follow-up.

So, Resurge is a real contrast to other programs. It has been launched as an easy method to lose weight that doesn’t require excessive dieting, patience, or exercise. Amazingly, Resurge really does live up to its claims.

Resurge is made up of 100% non-GMO, vegetarian ingredients. I can attest to that.

I can add to that the following information I found out. The supplement is manufactured in a state of the art, FDA-certified facility in the USA: It follows GMP manufacturing practices, being developed to the strictest and most precise standards in an entirely sterile environment.

The product is non-GMO, and it 100% natural. It has no known side effects as it processes it to target and improves bodily function. The overall result is a weight loss that is totally natural and that doesn’t compromise overall fitness or energy levels.

Resurge is surprisingly affordable and is therefore within reach of almost everyone.

If you are seeking a weight loss supplement that is high quality and that promotes overall health, you should try “Resurge” and see how well it works for you.


What Guarantee does Resurge Offer?

The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not entirely happy with the product, you can simply ask for a refund.

Ordering Resurge

You can order the product when you click on the order button; this will redirect you to the product’s official website.

NOTE. Before you can go ahead and order the supplement, you will need to watch a short video presentation. The order button will appear once you have watched the video.

The reason for this is that the manufacturer wishes to prevent people from ordering with haste without knowing about the product in detail first.