Cinderella Solution Review: All That You Need to Know

If you’re looking for up-to-date and reliable information regarding the Cinderella Solution weight loss system you’ve come to the right place.

After my extensive research, I decided to test the Cinderella Solution and in this post, I will show you my actual results, as well as in-deep and unbiased information that will answer all your questions regarding this program.

In this comprehensive Cinderella Solution review, you will get the good and bad about the program, what I liked, and what I didn’t like about the system.

Basically, all that you need to know, so let’s move on…


In simple terms, the Cinderella Solution is a program for weight loss that is specifically designed for women. Moreover, the program is aimed at women who are 30 plus, and who wish to lose at least 10 pounds.

Rather than keeping the same focus and methodologies you find in other weight loss programs, Cinderella Solutions is all about improving your metabolism through internal changes such as the way you react to the food you eat.

The Programs’ creator is Carly Donovan. It is a detailed guide in PDF format in a series of eBooks that is all about shedding unwanted weight and flab in women.

Within the program, you will find a list of regimens for weight loss, which the user must follow in four different and well-defined phases. This ensures that the program is achievable for everyone as well as simple and easy.

The Cinderella Solution focuses on the transitions of female hormones that take place in the body from the time of puberty right through to menopause.

These hormones are crucial for the management of your body weight, affecting the body’s production of fat cells. As such, they also have an important and large impact on your metabolism.

One of the major benefits of the program is that you don’t need to take supplements or pills that may interfere with the way your hormones function.

Instead of this, the program ensures to engage you actively with a healthy diet and workout regimes that will ensure the rapid burning of fat.

Asides this, the program will also ensure that your metabolism strengthens, ensuring that you get into great shape whilst also improving your bodily functions.


Carly Donovan is the creator of this unique diet program. She is not a faux doctor or a self-help guru, or someone who claims to have all the answers. She is a real woman, and someone who has herself struggled with weight issues.

Before the development of the Cinderella Solution, Carly was indeed active and fit, and was a fitness instructor who led many a class.

But, even though she was active, as she got older, she began to struggle with her weight. She was eventually diagnosed with diabetes, at this time having gained over a hundred pounds. It was at this point that she created the Cinderella Solution.

The concepts within the program are all very real and came from her life and discoveries. Once she had gained an understanding of how hormones affect weight gain, she was eager to find a new way of living. Into the mix and this point came targeted exercises and food pairings.

Over time, Carly lost nearly all of the 100 pounds she had gained, by adopting the new techniques she found.

Carly is sharing with the Cinderella Solution the information she has with women who are struggling to lose weight as she did.


There is an important reason why this diet isn’t like others; it’s not meant for the masses. There is a misconception that is common amongst almost everyone that in order to lose weight you need to watch what you eat, burning off more calories than those you intake.

The truth however is that this answer is too simplified to be the correct one for a problem that is actually more complex.

No two people lose or gain weight in exactly the same manner.

There are actually many different factors that go into the way your individual body will handle your dieting techniques. Two of the biggest are hormone production and age.

One of the most important parts of any weight loss journey is your metabolism. Your metabolism is the term used to refer to the chemical reactions that take place within your body.

There are actually two different types of metabolism.

The first of these is anabolism and is the process that takes the nutrients from the food you ingest, synthesizing them into the compounds that your body’s cells need in order to live.

The second of the two processes is catabolism. This is the process that provides your body with energy. So, what do these processes have to do with weight loss?

Well, the answer to this is that your body is constantly burning calories, this being the same even when you are asleep. However, the speed at which this occurs is different from one person to the next.

The speed at which the body burns calories and the way that uses the energy produced depends on many different things. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about your genetics, but you can make changes to the way that your body uses the food you intake and the way your body handles hormones.

Kickstarting your metabolism is the goal you need to achieve, thus ensuring that your body will naturally burn fat. The creator of Cinderella Solutions knows only too well that no one really has time for lengthy workouts and counting calories.

So, the Cinderella Solution is a program that is manageable long term and one that is void of complex instructions. It also comes with virtually no risks and it completely healthy.

The program focuses on 3 key areas.

These include targeted exercises, healthy food pairings, and hormonal changes.


Irregularities in body weight in women are a result of the transition of hormones in the body that leads to an accumulation of fat.

The Cinderella Solutions neutralizes the effects that hormonal imbalances have on your body, changes that can occur anywhere from puberty right through to menopause.

It also provides a detailed insight into how workouts and specific diets can manage and regulate your hormonal levels and your body weight efficiently.

Through the program, you will be able to achieve your ideal weight by focusing on workout and food, instead of simply slogging away on the treadmill for hours on end.


In the development stage of the solution, the creator looked at the lifestyles of people from various countries.

You will see that when you make a comparison between the lifestyle and average weight of an American with that of a Japanese, Spanish, French, or Italian, there is a big difference that somehow doesn’t add up.

Why can these European women or those from Japan eat fatty food and not become obese?

The creator of the Cinderella Solution sought to find the answer to this question. In fact, she did find some information, and it was extremely interesting. Japan is considered to be one of the healthiest nations worldwide, many believing this to be so because of Shoku-Iku.

So what is Shoku-Iku? Well, it’s a set of guidelines on nutrition that were set down by the government in Japan in 2005, in a bid to overcome the effects of westernized food that was becoming more prevalent in the diet of citizens.

It is a way of eating that educates about the origins of food and how they affect your body, one big cornerstone of the Shoku-Iku being food pairings.

Effective Food Pairings

The Cinderella Solution diet is driven by the concept of food pairings.

Within the plan, you will find lots of great Shoku-Iku-inspired recipes. You will also find guidelines on how you can yourself implements these dieting techniques into recipes and the foods that you love.

These food pairings are designed to make improvements to your body from the inside to the outside. You will find recipes that combine superfoods and spices with starchy foods such as bread and pasta.

You will also see ingredients that you can add and implement to your own recipes and dishes, as well as more information on how easy it is to adopt the way of thinking used in Shoku-Iku.

The most exciting part of the diet program is that it’s easy to pick up and you won’t find yourself stressing out about fat content or calories. These pairings can change the way your body is reacting to the foods that you eat, as well as improving hormonal production.

Some of the recipes included in the program can help improve your digestion and help you feel full, which will ensure that you lose weight over the long term.


A lot of diet programs and plans have grueling workouts, thankfully the Cinderella Solution being quite different.

The exercises that you find within the program won’t take up much of your time and you won’t need lots of specialist equipment to carry them out. All you will need to invest in is a set of dumbbells, the exercises being performed anywhere you want including your own living room.

As we said earlier, the needs of men and women are very different. Women naturally carry more body fat, the fat is focused in certain areas. Whilst you could try intense cardio and strength training, it won’t take care of the areas that you are the most self-conscious about. It will of course benefit you to a certain extent.

The workouts that you find in the Cinderella program are for the hips, abdomen, and buttocks. All of the workouts are developed by fitness instructors, this giving you the peace of mind you need to know that the program is safe and that it will increase your metabolism and help you burn fat.

What’s even better is that you can access them in different ways.

Within the eBook, you will find a guide that will help you get started. Each movement is detailed in order to ensure that you get the very best possible results. Asides this, you are also granted access to watch the online videos included.


What’s really cool about the program is that you can adapt it to your individual needs. It is however meant to be a long term solution for your weight loss. Having said this, in order to improve your metabolism and kick start your hormones, you need to start somewhere.

The Cinderella Solution is a 28-day plan. Having said this, you can, however, repeat the plan until you achieve the results you want.

To make things even simpler, the Cinderella Solution can be split into 2 phases.


This phase is the first half and the first fourteen days of the program. Within this stage, you will be getting familiar with the concepts contained within the plan. You will find a collection of custom recipes in the eBook, enough for 3 meals each day.

These meals and recipes incorporate the technique of food pairings that we talked about before.


The second half and the last fourteen days of the plan are known as the launch phase. It is similar to the first phase, but at the same time, it is also different

The first change you will notice is an increase in the frequency of meals, a jump from 3 recipes to four smaller meals each day. This change is implemented in order to sustain the changes to your metabolism that you experienced in the first phase.

The other difference is with the workouts. These are designed to prepare your body for resistance to gaining new fat as well as for getting rid of the hidden fat you already have.


The format of the Cinderella Solution is PDF. On purchase of the plan, you will gain access to the book as well as all the accompanying files. Include is the following:

• The Owner’s Manual

This is the part of the Cinderella system, covering everything you need to know including tips on how to personalize your meals and examples of solid food pairings, as well as info on food pairings and on how your metabolism is responsible for and affects your weight.

• Quick Start Guide

This is a guide that is designed for women on the go and is an abridged version of the owner’s manual. It’s there to allow you to get started at soon as you want, without you having to read through the entire manual.

• Movement Sequencing Guide

This section is designed to get you started with the workouts included in the program, the document giving you detailed instructions on targeted workouts. You will also find information on any equipment you may need for the exercises.

• Exercise Videos

If you prefer video and visual aids, then this part is for you. When you access the plan you will gain access to more than 50 exercise videos, covering all the activities that you find in the previous Movement Sequencing Guide.

• Recipes Playbook

Throughout the program, your meals and recipes are planned for you. This recipe book includes some more, custom recipes that will help ensure you lose weight. You will also find blueprint recipes that are adaptable to your own preferences and tastes.

• Accelerator Package

The final element of the program is the Accelerator package. Within this package, you will find new recipes and workouts that are designed for those women who truly want to make the very most of their diet.

This supplementary package can be used alongside, or during the first 28 days of the plan.


We tried really hard to find negative feedback from previous users but surprisingly, most reviews, testimonials, and feedback we found were mostly positive.

Of course, we also found a few users that claimed that they did not get the results they were expecting, but we also confirmed that in most cases these people did not follow the instructions properly or did not use the program long enough to see real results.

So, this feedback should always be taken with a grain of salts.


There are many different and compelling reasons that you should try the Cinderella Solution, many women have seen positive results after following the plan. As you don’t have to adapt extreme lifestyle habits or take mystery pills, there really is nothing to lose.

The concepts in the plan are scientifically-backed, focusing on internal changes that contribute to weight fluctuations instead of on just the external factors.

As a result of this scientifically backed approach, women are finally able to get the results they have always wanted!