7 Best Foods to Boost Testosterone Levels

Why do you need to eat for high levels of testosterone enhancing foods?

The answer to that question may be the reason you are looking for the 7 best foods to boost testosterone levels, right?

Apart from impacting your sex drive, testosterone also boasts other benefits to the males. The testosterone hormone facilitates sperm production, the growth of hair, and the development of healthy muscles and bones.

Old age or an attack by the chronic disease may make the levels of your testosterone to lessen. Hypogonadism, also known as low T or low testosterone is regularly medically treated to avoid future health issues.

Aside from adhering to your medic’s advice and recommendation, you should consider using natural testosterone enhancing foods to treat low testosterone. The two significant nutrients essential to your diet are zinc and vitamin D.

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Best Foods to Boost Testosterone

Here are the Best Testosterone-Enhancing Foods:

1. Tuna

Vitamin D is linked to the higher production of testosterone and longer life. For this reason, you should take tuna which is extremely rich in vitamin D. Tuna is also a low-calorie, protein-rich, and heart-healthy food.

Eating canned or fresh fish is a natural way of enhancing testosterone. A meal of tuna satisfies your daily vitamin D needs.

You can select other fishy sources of vitamin D such as sardines and salmon if you do not love tuna. However, moderation is crucial. You should aim for a maximum of two or three meals each week to lower the chances of consuming mercury which is available in seafood.

You can purchase sardines, tuna, or even salmon in various online stores.

2. Low-Fat Milk with Vitamin D

You can get a rich source of calcium and protein in milk. To keep their bones strong and healthy, kids and women are advised to drink milk, but men can also take it to strengthen their bones as well. Vitamin D content in milk will keep the testosterone levels at the desired levels.

You should always take milk that is rich in vitamin D such as skim or low-fat milk. This type of milk boasts similar nutrients without the entire saturated fat.

You can look for vitamin D fortified low-fat milk from the online market.

3. Egg Yolks

You can get sufficient vitamin D from the egg yolks. The egg yolk boasts much more nutrients in comparison to the egg whites. The cholesterol in eggs is useful in treating low T, and you can consume one egg per day as long as you don’t have any cholesterol issues at hand.

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4. Fortified Cereals

Eggs are not the only breakfast meal that you can take to uplift your testosterone. If you are controlling your blood cholesterol, it is essential to take cereals in the morning.

Various cereal brands integrate fortified vitamin D and heart-healthy nutrients. You should thus include them in your breakfast menu to enhance testosterone levels as well as kick-start your day.

5. Oysters

It is crucial to consume a lot of zinc during puberty as it helps in keeping the male hormones at the ideal levels. You may benefit by taking food rich in zinc if you are suffering from Low Testosterone. There is no food rich in zinc and minerals than oysters.

6. Shellfish

A regular meal of lobster or crab may be your perfect dose for raising the testosterone levels. The zinc content available in these foods allows you to have better testosterone levels.

The National Institute of Health denotes that a three-ounce meal of Alaskan king crab contains 43% of your daily content of zinc.

7. Beef

Consuming red meat regularly is deemed to be unhealthy. Red meat possesses much more fat than white meat, and can even lead various types of cancer such as colon cancer.

Nevertheless, beef still possesses some nutrients that can enhance your testosterone levels. Beef liver, for instance, is a unique source of vitamin D, while chuck roast and ground beef boast zinc.

You should, however, avoid consuming red meat regularly and only select lean meats to avoid other problems.

Bonus Food: Beans

Beans may give you more benefits than you think when it comes to the provision of male sex hormones. Black, white, and kidney beans are all essential sources of zinc and vitamin D.

You may also acquire nutrients from baked beans, but you may require extra sources of nutrients in your diet.

If you need a good and healthy life, you need to eat plant-based foods especially those rich in proteins.

Additional Food to Consider

Eating a healthy diet may assist with low testosterone, but it does not entirely cure hypogonadism. A doctor should diagnose that you suffer from low testosterone by carrying out a blood test and physical exam.

You may be prescribed the following testosterone hormone replacements if you are suffering from low T:

• Tablets or pills
• Skin patches
• Topical Gel
• Injections

You should, however, discuss the above hormones with your medic before using them as they possess serious side effects. Besides, it is essential to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.